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Online Advertising Services Agreement Policy

Online Advertising Services Agreement Policy

Scope of Services

Diafimisi.me offers specialized hourly online advertising services, which include.


Precision strategies to reach desired demographics, interests, and behaviors.


Expert management of ad auctions for cost-effective visibility.


Detailed tracking of ad performance and user engagement to refine campaigns.
For general advertising efforts, our services encompass:


Cultivating a strong, cohesive brand identity.


Broadening your brand’s reach across multiple platforms.


Editing impactful content tailored to your advertising goals.

Payment Terms

Our collaboration commences upon agreement of the service hours required and payment of a deposit constituting 70% of the total agreed fee. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the agreed service hours and delivery of the performance report.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, bank transfers, and PayPal. Payment method selection is at the User/Client’s discretion from the provided options.

Third-Party Services and Liability

While diafimisi.me offers consultation and implementation assistance for third-party services, the User/Client acknowledges that diafimisi.me is not responsible for any third-party service performance or issues. Our liability is limited to consultation and execution of online advertising services as agreed upon.

By engaging in services with diafimisi.me, the User/Client agrees to these terms.

We appreciate your trust in diafimisi.me to enhance your online advertising efforts. For any further inquiries or additional information about our services, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Contact Information

Brand Name: diafimisi.me
Email: advertise@diafimisi.me
Address: 8th street, Limassol, Cyprus, 4159

Thank you for choosing diafimisi.me – together, we will achieve remarkable digital growth.

Warm regards,

Vasilios Antano
Founder, diafimisi.me