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Payment and Service Agreement Policy

Payment Terms

This agreement serves as a binding contract between the client (“User/Client”) and diafimisi.me. Upon reaching a mutual agreement on the services to be provided and the total cost, the agreement will become effective once the User/Client completes payment of 70% of the agreed-upon fee. This initial payment is non-refundable and confirms the User/Client’s commitment to the project and diafimisi.me’s commitment to commence work.

Accepted Payment Methods

Diafimisi.me accepts the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, bank transfers, and PayPal. The choice of payment method is at the discretion of the User/Client, provided it is one of the methods listed above.

Third-Party Services

The User/Client acknowledges that diafimisi.me offers consultation services which may include recommendations for third-party integrations or services. Diafimisi.me is not responsible for any issues arising from the use of third-party services. The User/Client is responsible for accepting the terms and conditions of any third-party service provider.

Third-Party Services and Additional Charges

Please note that any third-party services or products recommended or implemented by diafimisi.me as part of our advertising solutions may incur additional charges. These are separate from our hourly service fees. Should the User/Client opt for such services or products, the User/Client is responsible for their respective costs.

In instances where diafimisi.me is requested to manage or facilitate the acquisition or integration of third-party services or products, an additional service fee may apply. This fee will be communicated and agreed upon before any such services are rendered.

Limitation of Liability

Diafimisi.me shall not be liable for any losses or damages caused by third-party services or integrations. Our role is strictly as a consultant and service provider; the implementation and operation of third-party services are beyond our control and responsibility.

Final Payment

Upon completion of the services, the User/Client agrees to pay the remaining 30% of the total fee. Failure to make the final payment may result in a discontinuation of services and potential legal action to recover the owed amount.

By engaging in services with diafimisi.me, the User/Client agrees to these terms.

We appreciate your trust in diafimisi.me to enhance your online advertising efforts. For any further inquiries or additional information about our services, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Contact Information

Brand Name: diafimisi.me
Email: advertise@diafimisi.me
Address: 8th street, Limassol, Cyprus, 4159

Thank you for choosing diafimisi.me – together, we will achieve remarkable digital growth.

Warm regards,

Vasilios Antano
Founder, diafimisi.me